AI serving cardiology

Welcome to Cardiologs!

We believe that expertise in cardiology should be scalable and accessible anywhere, anytime.

We leverage machine learning (AI) and cloud computing technologies to fulfill this vision.

Our starting point is the most common and standardized cardiac examination: the electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG).

While recording an ECG is fast and doesn't require expertise in cardiology, its analysis can be challenging for non-experts and time consuming for experts. In particular, long term ambulatory ECG analysis is a very labour intensive task.

Our first product is a SaaS solution + API for ECG analysis (resting and ambulatory), powered by AI, which makes ECG analysis faster and smarter. You can get an overview of our platform here.

This product has been the first 'deep-learning enabled' medical device CE marked (II.a). The detection of 10 significant arrhythmias is available in the US (FDA cleared), and covers most clinical cases of ambulatory ECG monitoring.

We are looking for mission-driven, exceptional talent to join our team. Not sure if you qualify? Just send us a message!

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